eCounseling for your Online Therapy Practice

eCounseling Essentials leverages use of new technologies to create solutions and break barriers, bringing effective counseling into the lifestyle and expectation of today’s clients.

We believe that human-to-human help -cannot and should not- be replaced by automated technology. Instead, we utilize HIPPA compliant, secure platforms to provide traditional therapy and counseling techniques through integrated chat features, helping more people to get the care they need.

We designed eCounseling Essentials with both the Provider and Client users in mind. Not all video conferencing services are created equal. Frequently used platforms such as Skype and FaceTime, are not HIPPA Compliant, nor are they capable of providing important patient forms or processing payments. eCounseling Essentials conveniently provides everything both the Provider and Client will need, including practice management tools, marketing support, payment processing and secure EMR.

We are a team of Mental Healthcare Professionals. Joining our team means you will be working with us, not for us. We provide all of the essential tools for you to be your own boss and operate your own private practice as an Independent Contractor.

Become an Online Therapist

We provide the tools to let you do what you do best. Joining our team means that you will have everything you need to start your own private practice today.

We are about to make your life easier. Not only does eCounseling Essentials provide solutions to common barriers clients have to receiving counseling, but we also have the solutions to what’s been holding you back from having your own private practice. When you become an independent provider with eCounseling Essentials you will have access to the following services:

•HIPAA-Compliant, Secure and Interactive Video Conferencing
•Practice Management Tools
•Billing Services
•Insurance Credentialing
•Up to date Training
•Supervision of other Licensed Therapists

Additional benefits of eCounseling include:

•Flexible Hours. eCounseling makes it more convenient for you to offer evening or weekend sessions.
•Improved Compliance. Your clients may find it easier to follow through with a treatment plan given that eCounseling provides solutions to common barriers such as the need to arrange childcare or time off work.
•Broader Client Reach. Joining eCounseling Essentials provides you with greater access to clients all throughout the state.
•Reduced No Shows/Missed Appointments. When your clients can meet you where ever they are, they are less likely to cancel appointments. This gives you greater control over your schedule and financial planning.
•Reduced Liability. Malpractice claims are less likely to occur in an eCounseling setting.
•Small Business Tax Benefits. Small business are considered the heartbeat of the U.S. economy. As an independent contractor, small business owner, you can take advantage of the multiple tax write-offs available.

Would you enjoy the support of a full service clinic while still being able to set your own schedule and workload? As therapists themselves, the founders of eCounseling Essentials wanted to establish a clinic where this was the norm. Some of our therapists work 100% remotely, while others simply want to gain some extra income on the side. Ditch the commute while still doing what you do best - making a difference in your clients’ lives.

You focus on your clients while we take care of the insurance claims, advertising, marketing, billing, payroll, collections, and management tools. 

Our therapists’ efforts to gain clients through personal networking is amplified by our marketing expertise with advertising, online marketing, email marketing, trade shows and more. 

Don’t worry about having to turn away clients because you can’t accept insurance. eCounseling Essentials takes on the time-consuming and arduous role of applying for insurance panels.

We strive to protect both your clients and our therapists. That is why our platform is 100% HIPAA compliant and database encrypted. HIPAA can be complicated, but you can rest assured knowing we meet the many regulations and requirements. 

We thank you for your consideration of eCounseling Essentials and are more than happy to answer any further questions you may have. You can contact us here, or call (385) 212-1779


  • Remote Tools
  • Secure Video/Web Conferencing
  • Group and individual sessions
  • HD video and voice
  • Dual stream for dual screen
  • Full screen and gallery view
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption
  • AES 256 bits encryption
  • Session reporting and dashboards
  • Schedule appointments
  • Send automatic email reminders
  • Contact Us

If you are in crisis, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, a free, 24-hour hotline, at 1-800-273-8255. If your issue is an emergency, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.