Appreciate That You Are Unique

online-therapy-super-hero-lifestyleAll too often you find a superhero wishing he could just “be like everyone else”. Think about how many x-men stories involve just wanting to fit in. Yet it’s our differences that make us super. Superhero thinking says you are the only you on the planet- and someone as unique as you have a lot to share with the world.


Embrace Change

Peter Parker wasn’t expecting to get bitten by a spider while on his High School field trip. Richard Reed was not expecting a blast of gamma radiation. In the lives of all our heroes unexpected things happen which throw them for a loop. Often our heroes lose their powers, adjust to change, and then get them back again. Relationships come and go, careers change, life never seems to settle for our favorite heroes. That’s okay, a hero knows change is inevitable and does their best to adapt when things shift unexpectedly.

super5Appreciate Your Past

All superheroes have difficult pasts. Whether it was loss at an early age, or being orphaned on a distant planet alone. Superheroes all have to learn that even the difficulties in their past are part of who made them today. Without those difficult events they wouldn’t be able to impact countless lives and develop their strengths and fully meet their potential as superheroes!

Don’t Stop Developing Your Strengths

online-therapy-super-hero-lifestyleDid you know that Superman couldn’t always fly? It used to be that he could only jump really high; this is where they saying “jumps buildings in a single bound came from”. It wasn’t later on until he learned that he also had the power of flight. Superman continues to still develop new super powers even today. A superhero never stops striving to develop and enhance their strengths. They know what they’re good at, and continue to try and challenge themselves to test the limits of what their best truly is.

Take Responsibility

“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”. This is the phrase that propelled Spiderman to fully embrace his role as a superhero. Additionally, whenever he loses sight of who he is, this phrase brings him back. All heroes know the importance of taking responsibility. When they make a mistake, they fix it. They don’t have time to feel guilt themselves, or wish things could be different (the fate of the universe may be at stake). Instead they own their mistakes, let go of what’s not theirs, and do their best to make sure the situation is made right.

Your Strongest Superpower Is Your Character

All superheroes have an arch nemesis. It’s usually someone who is stronger, meaner, and willing to get what they want no matter who or what is in their way. The reason that nemesis loses time and time again is super4because the hero has something that the nemesis doesn’t have. They have character. Superman is Superman, not because he can fly and bend steel with his bare hands. He’s Superman because of what he stands for. He’s Superman because no matter the challenge he sticks to what he believes in. All of our superheroes show this same character. They win against the bad guy because they are don’t get swayed by temptation, or lose sight of what they believe in, and they don’t compromise who they are.

Have A Sidekick

No one can go it alone. Batman has his Robin, Superman has his dog Krypto, even the Hulk needs a little help from Rick Jones every now and then. Every hero knows that the battle isn’t one just by themselves. They know when to lean on others, and when to ask for help.

At E-Counseling Essentials our therapists are waiting to help you live to your fullest potential. To be a sidekick in helping you overcome obstacles and develop your strengths to be the best Superhero you can be!


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